Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Generation next

We went to the theater with my boyfriend yesterday and among the audience there were two guys in their early 20’s, beautiful, trendy-dressed and gay. I usually feel “proud” enough for my boyfriend and me regarding how we look like to the others eyes. But as I was staring at those guys I was thinking that they represent the next generation gay couple from ours. I feel young enough when I deal with people in my age, of course with the older ones and also with the little younger than me or even much younger since their look is up to just trendy. When I see gay guys close to 20yo dressed very trendy and looking very younger, only then I realize that a generation gap tends to be formed… But I wasn’t gazing at the guys in the theatre in an envy way but I was admiring their look, beauty and youth, thinking the (similar) things that I was doing 10-15 years ago. Fortunately, I still feel pretty fine with my age, my look and my life so far ‘cause regarding the overall situation I’m quite satisfied by the way I balanced between personal gay life and social behavior and status. Yes, I’m generally optimistic as a person…

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